Mumbai, India
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Since 2001

Remit2India is the flagship brand of global digital company Nyuvo. A pioneer and trusted name in the online money transfer industry for over seventeen years, Remit2India has helped over a million NRIs, to conveniently and securely, transfer money to India.

With Remit2India, you get the option to lock an exchange rate when you book a transaction that means you get the assured rupee value in India even if there is a market fluctuation. You stand to get a little extra every time you send money through Remit2India with its additional benefits. You also get notified instantly every time a transaction takes place. Plus, you can set payment alerts for your regular payments as well as get reminders. You can also track your money instantly using the Status Tracker, which gives you instant updates on where your money has reached. With transfers from 24 countries and in 10 currencies, Remit2India is a fast, safe and convenient way to send money home to India. Now you can transfer money instantly to any bank in India, Terms & Conditions apply.

What's Good About Remit2India

  • Send Money via ACH and wire transfer
  • Offers competitive and attractive exchange rates
  • $0 Transfer fees for transactions over $1000 in a single transaction
  • Offers additional benefits like guaranteed exchange rate, indicative exchange rate and referral rewards

Remit2India's money transfer service

Remit2India's money transfer service is a secure online way of sending money to India, in 10 currencies from 24 countries across the world. You just need to follow 3 steps to send money to India with us.

  1. Register on the Remit2India Money Transfer site by entering basic details
  2. Select your sending option
  3. Provide details of the receiver in India and send

Only Non-Resident Indians, Persons of Indian Origin (collectively, "non-residents") shall access, use and avail the Website and the facilities only to the extent the domestic laws of India and such other countries permit them to access, use and avail of the Website and the Facilities.

Remit2India Money Transfer is safe

We use the best technology available for your transactions. All our servers and firewalls have gone through extensive security tests and they are constantly monitored for suspicious activities. Plus, in none of our payment modes does any debit appear in your bank account unless you have personally authorized it.

Guaranteed Exchange Rate

Guaranteed Exchange Rate is the exact same rate you get that you see. In other types of transfers, the exchange rate applied is that which is valid on the day when your money is converted to Indian rupees. But when you choose Guaranteed Exchange Rate, you know exactly what rate you will get. This is a useful option if you have a fixed rupee commitment in India like a loan EMI, property purchase, etc.

Indicative Exchange Rate

As the name suggests, this exchange rate is indicative. It means that it is the current exchange rate.For your transaction though, the exchange rate applied will be the exchange rate on the day your money is converted to Indian rupees. That rate may be a little different from the current or indicative exchange rate because the market keeps fluctuating. Depending on the market, you could get a slightly higher or marginally lower rate from the one you saw when you booked a transaction.

Remit2India Exchange Rates:

We keep updating the exchange rate during the day so that you always know the latest rate as per the market.

Market rates fluctuate as per the Indian markets and time. For you, it may reflect at different points of time on our website based on the location from which you access it.

Remit2India does not control or determine the market rate. This means that your actual rate applied could end up being more than the one you saw when you booked a transaction, if the market rate is favorable when your transaction is processed.