Ria Money Transfer

California, United States
Regulated and licensed
Since 1987

Ria Money Transfer ("Ria") is a global leader in money remittances, with services in 150 countries and more than 355,000 locations. With Global Headquarters in California, USA, and multiple hubs and regional offices around the world.

Founded in 1987, the company has grown from a single storefront in New York City to become one of the largest money transfer companies worldwide. In 2007, Ria was acquired by Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT), a leader in processing secure, electronic financial transactions.

In addition to money transfer services, Ria offers check cashing, bill payment, currency exchange and digital prepaid content in selected markets.

The majority of Ria's network is comprised of banks, retailers, and SMEs although the company is also expanding its digital footprint. Customers can now send money online from several countries using Ria or agents online services.

Send a Money Transfer: Online

Sending money online with Ria is easy, simple and secure. If you’re in the United States, Spain, UK, Australia and Malaysia, you can send money online, in minutes.

After you open a free account you can transfer money directly to your beneficiary’s bank account, make it available for cash pickup at any of authorized locations, or have it delivered to their door with home delivery service in selected countries.

Keep tabs on your transfer by using Track a Transfer tool to follow the progress of your money transfer at any time.