London, United Kingdom
Regulated and licensed
Since 2011

Xendpay was founded by Indian migrant and ethical entrepreneur Rajesh Agrawal. The goal of the company is to make reduce the cost of international money transfers for the millions of migrants around the world who regularly send money home.

What makes Xendpay’s money transfer service unique is their “pay what you want” model. Every year, for the first £2000 you send, you can choose what transfer fee to pay. When setting up your transfer, Xendpay will suggest a small transfer fee. However, you are completely free to pay less (or more), or even pay nothing at all!

Xendpay allows you to send money to 173 countries in 48 different currencies. The money is received on a bank account or, in certain countries (including Nigeria, Kenya, and the Philippines), the money can alternatively be delivered on a mobile wallet. You can pay by making a local bank transfer or by using a debit or credit card. The whole process of sending money with Xendpay usually takes 1-4 working days.

What's Good About Xendpay

  • Xendpay exchange rates are excellent
  • Pay what you want for transfer fees